3 Reasons Why TWICE is Called The "Nation's Girl Group" of South Korea

3 Reasons Why TWICE is Called The "Nation's Girl Group" of South Korea

The title "Nation's Girl Group" is still up for debate until this day. Originally, it was given to SNSD or Girls' Generation as they led the second era of KPOP girl groups in terms of music, achievements and popularity. But in this third era of KPOP, South Korea's entertainment industry is now passing the crown to TWICE.

TWICE is a KPOP girl group under JYP Entertainment. They are formed from an idol-survival show called SIXTEEN in 2015. JYP chose seven members as winners: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung. But later on, he added two members: Tzuyu (audience's pick) and Momo (amazing performance skills). Here are 3 reasons why they are called this generation's "National's Girl Group":

Record-breaking Feats Since Their Debut

On October 2015, TWICE released their debut single "Like Ooh-Ahh." Despite gaining fans in the show SIXTEEN, their debut song received a lukewarm response. But after a month, "Like Ooh-Ahh" reversed the outcome by charting within the Top 10 of South Korea's leading music charts: Naver music, Genie, and Melon. With this achievement, they bagged the "Best New Female Artist" award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards later that year.

This was just the start for TWICE. This is because the following year, 2016, was when they made a huge career breakthrough with their single "Cheer Up." It debuted at number 2 on Gaon Album Chart and number 6 on Billboard World Albums Chart. The whole album sold 150,000 copies which made TWICE the highest first-week sales by a Korean girl group that year. Member Sana's iconic part in the song "shy,shy,shy" became a viral meme that strengthened the popularity of the song. Undeniably, it was a massive hit that even both of the presidential candidates used it in their electoral campaigns.

TWICE has been unstoppable in breaking records both in physical and digital sales since "Cheer Up." Continually, they produced hit songs like TT, Signal, Likey, What is Love?, Fancy, Feel Special, and More & More that were all well-received by Koreans. The future would be exciting for the audiences as TWICE members are now starting to participate in creating their own songs.

Group Concepts Target All Age Groups

Why do Koreans love TWICE? First of all, they prefer cute concepts, which TWICE is known for. If you watch the members on variety shows, it seems that this cute or girly concept is consistent in their real personalities. Japan fans are also fond of this concept and this is evident in their massive popularity in the country.

South Korea and most Asian countries are known for being "conservative" and a sexy concept might not sit well with the children and the higher age group. Being cautiously appropriate is not just in terms of clothing, but also in their song lyrics. TWICE songs are mostly about innocent love, which targets both teens and young adults.

Sells Almost Everything They Put Their Faces On

In just 3 months after their debut, TWICE has already signed 10 CF contracts that amounts to 1.8 billion won. This clearly shows the group's power of influence in South Korea alone. Within 3 years, they already endorsed various products in cosmetics, mobile and online games, clothing, food, beverages, shoes, and more. One example is the sports beverage "Pocari Sweat." TWICE was selected as the first idol group to promote the brand on its 30th anniversary. Successfully, they increased the sales by 10%

Considering these reasons, TWICE have proven their place in the KPOP industry as the new "Nation's Girl Group." They are continuously gaining the love of both national and international fans. And with so much room for possibilities, watch how TWICE will achieve more in the future.

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