5 Gift Ideas For Your Friend or Family Who Are Into KPOP

5 Gift Ideas For Your Friend or Family Who Are Into KPOP

K-pop or Korean pop have already spread all over the world showing a strong force of influence. With this, it is not hard to find a KPOP fan within your circle. I'm sure, a friend, family or someone close to you is a part of this fan culture. And it goes without saying, they would be happy to receive something KPOP-related on holidays or even on their birthdays. Here are some gift ideas for you:

Autographed Official Goods

Autographed official goods are rare because of the amount of difficulty to go to an idol's event and line-up to get their signature is priceless! Usually, you can get them from Korean music shows, fansign events, and concerts. But, nowadays, fans sell them on online shopping sites.

Korean Snacks

These snacks are a combination of delicious authentic candies, biscuits, chocolates, and drinks from South Korea. Popular Korean snack brands are Lotte Peppero, Orion Choco Pie, and Nongshim Shrimp Crackers. A KPOP fan would also want to try what their idols eat as snacks, right? You can put them all together in a box to make it presentable, like this one:

Personalized Items

You can ask these items to be personalized to your chosen KPOP idol's faces or names: pillows, stickers, keychains, masks, caps, tumblers, blankets, mugs, and even phone cases. Printing services are everywhere nowadays, so you can let them print, edit, and even design your items. And they're affordable too!

KPOP Hoodies and Shirts

Hoodies and shirts are a must-have for KPOP fans. They're fashionable and useful. They also show "belongingness" in the KPOP world. If you see someone wearing a KPOP-related clothing on the streets, you will feel familiar with him or her in some way. A true KPOP fan will really appreciate this. And if you have the means, you can buy the official ones sold on idol group's websites for your friend or family.

Concert Tickets

Concert tickets are probably the best-est gift that you could ever give a KPOP fan, especially to someone who can't afford it. They are very expensive because you are not paying for a product, but for a priceless experience! KPOP fans treasure these events because meeting their idols is definitely a dream come true.

Bonus: Subscription to Viki or Dramafever

Viki and Dramafever are just some of the subscription apps or websites that provide viewing access to popular South Korean variety shows and dramas. With this, a KPOP fan would be able to watch full version of these shows, and not just the short clips on Youtube. Their favorite idol stars are always part of these shows, so you're surely giving them a good environment experience with this gift.

And there you go! These are just "some" of the best gifts that you can give your friends, family members, or even colleagues who love KPOP. It's a mix of both official and unofficial goods, affordable and expensive. You can choose the best option for you and the one you'll give the gift to.

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