5 KPOP Merchandise a Fan Should Have

5 KPOP Merchandise a Fan Should Have

Hallyu, or the Korean wave, is a movement where KPOP is being recognized all over the world.. It gets stronger everyday as groups like BTS and BLACKPINK are dominating the music industry, especially in the west. With this growing popularity, the South Korean culture also points the spotlight to its K-dramas and K-beauty industry. And all the fans worldwide are hooked.

As much as KPOP is all about being dedicated to the music, fan culture will also make you keen on the products that they market. K-beauty has been a sensation to the make-up and skin care industry. But with KPOP, what items do you think you need to have? If you are new to the fandom, you might want to check these KPOP fan must-haves:


Even if we are already in the digital era, it is sill important for a fan to purchase your favorite group's physical albums. It includes a photobook and the CD itself. And not just that, they also count a lot on local and world music charts like GAON and Billboard. It will help your idols get the recognition they need from the whole music industry.


Having an official lightstick is probably one of the unique things about being in a KPOP fandom. This serves as an identification of your chosen idol group. It is used mostly to cheer on your idols and make the audience section alive and colorful during concerts.


If you are a collector, this is definitely a must-have! You can get photo cards from albums, fan events, and concerts. It's like trading cards with idol group photos or selfies. On social media, you can see fans trading, buying and selling them to look for their bias' photo card. You're lucky if you get it right after your first purchase!


If you are looking for KPOP merchandise that you can really use, then this is perfect for you. A lot of idol groups release their clothing items like t-shirts and hoodies. They sell them online, during concerts or on pop-up stores.

Famous clothing brands like GUCCI and SAINT LAURENT sometimes choose KPOP idols to endorse their latest collections. You can purchase from them too. Or if not, you can observe what clothing brand your idol favors the most, and buy from there.


Having dolls as merchandise is also something unique to KPOP. They are called plushies or plush toys. You can buy clothes for them online to change them similar to your idol's current fashion. Fans mostly display them at home or even sleep with them in their bed thinking of their idols. Some fans also bring them when they travel and take pictures with them.

As a fan, KPOP has been a source of happiness. Listening to your favorite idol group's music and also watching their videos are definitely a break from daily stress and real life problems. Now, having these merchandise could also add to that. Whether you have a lot or just a little, your fan experience feels complete. 

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