After Leaving JYP Entertainment, What's Next For GOT7 Members?

After Leaving JYP Entertainment, What's Next For GOT7 Members?

GOT7 is one of the leading boy groups of the third generation of KPOP together with BTS and EXO. They debuted on January 16, 2014 under JYP Entertainment and produced the hits "Just Right," "Hard Carry," "You Calling My Name," and "Lullaby." Last November 2020, they released the album "Breath of Love: Last Piece" which is somehow a premonition of what would happen next.

Non-Renewal of Contract

With the album title, Ahgases already had a hint that GOT7 will finally leave JYP Entertainment. Also, the septet's contract is bound to end on January 19, 2921. By the way, GOT7 fans are called IGOT7. But it sounds like the Korean word "Ahgase" that translated to "baby bird" in English.

Ahgases' hints became more true when the members, Park Jinyoung and Kim Yugyeom, announced that they are in talk to sign to an acting agency (BH Entertainment) and a hip hop label (AOMG) respectively. And it also seems that behind the scenes, there is some drama going on as the face of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young, unfollowed GOT7 members Bambam, Jinyoung, and Mark on Instagram. But the confusion finally ended when JYP released a statement on January 11, 2021 about the group's departure from the agency.

A New Beginning for Both GOT7 and IGOT7

As sad as it may seem to see your favorite group go on their separate ways, Ahgases are actually more relieved about the news. The reason is that for years, they saw how JYP Entertainment mismanaged GOT7. There is a lack of promotion during comebacks, not releasing the group's albums on Amazon, and inaction whenever the members struggle with privacy issues are just some of their complaints. 

Even if the group decided to leave JYP, they keep on assuring Ahgases that they will be back together. They did not officially disband and with the right process, they can claim their trademark right from their previous agency. With this in mind, both GOT7 and IGOT7 will move forward with a positive mindset that everything will be okay and in the future.

Right now, the group's leader, JB, is receiving offers from both a hip hop and a global music label. Mark is back in Los Angeles, CA to reunite with his family and start a Youtube Channel. Jinyoung signed an exclusive contract in BH Entertainment to focus on his acting career. Jackson will just continue working with music and fashion on his own label, Team Wang. Youngjae is now starting to work as a solo artist under Sublime Artist Agency. Bambam is in talks with MakeUS Entertainment to work on his activities both in Thailand and South Korea. And lastly, Yugyeom is continuing his music career at the hip hop label, AOMG. 

When GOT7's contract with JYP ended, the members posted a happy group photo with the hashtag #GOT7FOREVER. This is a promise to all Ahgases that they will forever cherish the bond that they had built for 7 years. And in the right time, they will see each again.

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