BTS' Grammy Nomination: A Milestone For KPOP

BTS' Grammy Nomination: A Milestone For KPOP

The KPOP boy band, BTS, always had big dreams for their music career. But coming from a small entertainment company in South Korea, they didn't expect much at first. Even during their 2016 FESTA, their yearly anniversary celebration, they joked and laughed about topping the Billboard charts and winning a Grammy award. That time, it felt like those achievements were impossible. But the universe has a funny way of proving them wrong.

The Announcement

For several years, Grammy's have snubbed BTS even with their excellent achievements in the music scene. In the Grammy's 2019, they had the honor to be the first KPOP group to present an award. And following that same year, the Recording Academy invited BTS and BigHit's Producer Bang Shi Hyuk to join their ranks.

Continuously building their relationship with the Academy, they had another first at the Grammy's 2020, and that is to perform on stage alongside Lil Nas X and Mason Ramsey. Having these little connections with the award show, it is not too much to ask for a nomination, right?

And finally, in a calm afternoon in November 2020, BTS' hit song "Dynamite" was nominated for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category! They are nominated alongside stars like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. Both BTS and ARMYs celebrated on Twitter posting their reaction videos to the announcement.

A Milestone for K-POP

Ever since BTS gained popularity and recognition in the west in 2017, the only way for the group was up. They slowly climbed the global major charts until they reached the first ranks, especially in the Billboard Hot 100. Major awards shows like BBMAs and AMAs have also given the rightful recognition to the achievements of the septet and their ARMYs. They just keep on breaking records and continuously bagging the "firsts" for a KPOP group.

Achieving a Grammy nomination, it feels like that the western music industry has finally opened their arms to welcome not just BTS, but also KPOP. It was not an easy journey, breaking a wall for the first time. There were issues such as racism, xenophobia and artistic sacrifices that they need to face up to this day. Even BTS member, Suga, mentioned that he felt scared going into uncharted waters. The whole group also thought about disbanding a year after they broke into the western music scene.

Today, it is no denying that BTS is leading the whole KPOP industry to a path of a bigger global recognition. The growth that they've shown throughout these years is almost impossible even to popular western musicians. BTS have already proven themselves successful even without this nomination. But as leader RM said in their interview with Esquire, "Grammy's are... the final part of the whole American journey. "With this, other KPOP acts like BLACKPINK, MONSTA X, and SEVENTEEN are following through.

The start may have been difficult and slow, but the sacrifices that BTS and the others made are all worth it. And now, it's up to the future KPOP stars on how they will make use of this new "difficulty carved" path for them. Not just them, but the whole Hallyu wave.     

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