Get To Know Your KPOP Idols in These 4 Reality Shows

Get To Know Your KPOP Idols in These 4 Reality Shows

KPOP idols produce more content than you can think of. Aside from stage performances and music videos, it is also a KPOP culture to see your idols on reality shows. It can be dated back to the year 2000, where 1st generation boy group g.o.d. participated in a show where they take care of a baby, named Jaemin.

Reality shows are meant to reveal your idols' life outside the stage and the grandeur of the celebrity life. You will see a more intimate view of their real personalities in the middle of a challenge or whatever happens behind the scenes. To get you started in this culture, here are four reality shows starred by popular KPOP groups:

BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky

BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky is a documentary about the KPOP girl group Blackpink members produced by Netflix. It is directed by Caroline Suh. Basically, it tells the story of the members as bandmates, but focuses more on their individuality. Debuting in 2016, there are four years of content to be shown like trainee days, behind the scenes, and even their day to day activities. The documentary will give you a closer view of the girls' life with the intent to understand them better.

Prior to this, BLACKPINK have already produced various reality shows in their name like BLACKPINK House, BLACKPINK Diaries, and 24/365 with BLACKPINK. Each of these shows have at least 10 episodes. You can go and check them out on various video platforms.


SEVENTEEN is a KPOP boy group with a set of 13 talented members, 3 units, and 1 team. They produce their own music down to the smallest details and create their own dance choreography, too. If you want to take a closer look to this process, you may watch their popular reality show, GOING SEVENTEEN. it shows what happens behind the scenes, especially during music shows, award shows, and concerts. Discover each of the members' charm and maybe, you will find a new bias! Go and check them our on the V LIVE platform.


TWICE is a 9-member KPOP girl group under JYP Entertainment. And ironically, TWICE is formed from a reality show, named SIXTEEN. Nine people were chosen from sixteen JYP trainees. And they are now one of the best selling girl groups of the 3rd generation of KPOP.

Since TWICE's debut in 2015, they have already produced a number of reality shows. Most of them were called TWICE TV added with the number of season or subtitle. They were called TWICE TV 1 to 6 or "TWICE TV: More & More" that were shown from 2015 to 2020. They can be accessed easily on V Live and there are also clips with English subtitles on Youtube. Watch and see how your favorite TWICE members deal with their daily adventures that includes behind the scenes, photo shoot, recordings, and even games!


BTS is undoubtedly the biggest KPOP group of this generation. And for sure, many people are curious about their lives outside the spotlight. The septet are known to be rarely even on mainstream South Korean variety programs, but they produce lots of their own reality shows. ARMYs, or what BTS calls their fans, get to know their idols since debut through American Hustle life, BTS Bon Voyage, In the Scoop, and their longest running show, RUN BTS.

RUN BTS is a program where BTS members participate in games and challenges that oftentimes put them our of their comfort zone. Every episode is fun as they convey the members' real personalities. You can easily access this show on V LIVE every week.

There are more to the list like GOT7 Hard Carry, MONSTA X-RAY and Level Up Project. Every show has its own charm and brand of variety. Somehow, this culture is an ingenious way for KPOP fans to humanize and relate to their idols.

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